Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – Overview

My main focus and expertise is Champion replica jerseys because of the nostalgia associated with them. But I get a lot of questions about Pro-Cut jerseys, particularly in regards to authenticity. So I wanted to dedicate a series of posts with information I’ve collected over the years about Champion Pro-Cuts, and I’m hoping the many people […]

Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – Examples of Fakes (Tracy McGrady – Toronto Raptors)

Let’s take a look at some fake Champion Pro-Cut jerseys, in particular several Toronto Raptors Tracy McGrady rookie jerseys. With the popularity of the Raptors skyrocketing over the past few years, capped off by their championship this year, Raptors 1990s Champion jerseys have been in high demand. And with high demand, come higher prices, and higher prices […]